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Australian Sports Commission: Hills Grammar award The Good Village AIS Problem Solvers Program five gold stars

The Good Village and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) have continued to inspire primary students throughout 2024, extending their free incursion program featuring high performance athletes. 

Jason Milner, Assistant Head of Junior School at Hills Grammar, recently booked The Good Village AIS Problem Solvers Program (the Program). His year 5/6 class were partnered with Olympic diver Olivia O’Rourke. Olivia visited the students twice throughout the program, which Jason said was extremely engaging for the students. 

“The Program stands out for its encouragement of innovative thinking and exploration of various syllabus outcomes for PDHPE. Its emphasis on hands-on tasks, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and collaboration, aligns seamlessly with our learning approach. 

Through Olivia's guidance, our students delved deep into the specific demands of professional sports, gaining insights into targeted muscle training, dietary considerations and the importance of a supportive network for mental wellbeing, which we now refer to as ‘our personal cheer squad’,” Jason said.

He was also impressed with the problem-solving lessons taught throughout the program, and how his students were supported by Olivia to come up with real world solutions. 

“This program has significantly boosted motivation levels among the students, fostering a spirit of creativity and collaboration, two key elements emphasised in our curriculum. 

This collaboration with Olivia has not only enriched our students' understanding of sports but also instilled in them a sense of teamwork and perseverance that will undoubtedly benefit them in various aspects of their lives,” Jason continued.

Hills Grammar students Tobin and Sophie, who recently participated in the program, said they enjoyed the learning experience.

“My favourite part of the Program was being able to do activities like making up our own sport that could be in the Olympics,” Tobin said. 

Sophie said, “I liked hearing about all the things Olivia did and she showed us videos of her diving and it was really cool.”

In its first year, the Program has provided almost 2000 primary students across Australia a unique blend of sports, education and community engagement. The program inspires students to think BIG, solve problems and create healthier communities.  

Launched in 2023 in partnership with Nestlé Australia, as part of the Nestlé for Healthier Kids initiative, the Program connects sport and education by offering primary school students the chance to learn about science, humanities, arts and economics from Australia’s top athletes.

The Program is completed in 8 stages, with an AIS athlete ambassador delivering two virtual or in-person sessions, where they work with students to unpack a problem and design a solution.

It’s available to all primary schools across Australia and is suitable for students from grade one through to grade six. While the Program is student-led, teachers are provided with free resources, including a comprehensive teaching guide to support their students.

Schools can still book a place in the 2024 Program. Visit The Good Village AIS Problem Solvers Program website today, or reach out directly to the program coordinator


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