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Austek Play: More than a Playground at Kenmore State School

This project wasn’t your run of the mill ‘Design and Install’ style project. We were given an opportunity to see what we could do with elements that aren’t part of every playground. Kenmore State School entrusted us with our third project with them, reaffirming the value of our work and the trust our clients have in our capabilities. This repeat business speaks volumes about our dedication to delivering quality playgrounds tailored to our clients' unique needs.

A Thoughtful Approach to Design

How this playground would be accessed and blended were key considerations in our design process for Kenmore State School. We embraced a natural colour palette that merged with the school's surroundings, ensuring the playground seamlessly integrates into the environment. While maintaining visual coherence across the school's various spaces including what we had previously installed, we aimed to introduce diverse activities unique to this area and were conscious to not simply repeat the same equipment, amplifying motor skill development.

Overcoming Challenges

Challenges often pave the way for innovative solutions. The chosen playground area, situated on a hillside, presented unique hurdles. Grass growth was unfeasible, yet the area naturally inspired children's play with building dirt roads for their toy cars and nature-based activities. Leveraging this, we designed a playground that complemented these organic elements.

Kenmore State School briefed us with the importance of protecting the roots of an amazing tree in the area; we built a decking area that not only enhanced the surroundings but also safeguarded the tree's roots with the idea that this space would encourage socialisation, catering to children less engaged in active play, with inviting timber steppers and balancing equipment leading up to it.

Another part of the brief was understanding the number of children that would use the play equipment at any one time and ensure multiple entry and exit points. This allows students to navigate through the available activities opting in and out of individual challenges based on their own level of development and confidence.

We’re incredibly proud of how this project turned out. 

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