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Arludo: Inspiring the next generation of scientists

All science stems from curiosity. How can I help my garden grow? Why are there so many different bird species? Why is our planet the only one in our solar system with life?

This curiosity entices and encourages us to discover more about the world around us. As scientists, curiosity drives us to create experiments, gather data, and interpret those data to make sense of what we’re exploring. As students are repeatedly guided through this process, they build scientific literacy and crucial transferable skills - critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and communication - that will assist them in any future career path.

Video games engage the imagination and enable us to safely place students in experiments that can’t take place in traditional science classrooms. Our 30 games can run on class or stage devices and computers, meaning your teachers can create entirely new science experiences that work every time, in minutes, with none of the complex set up, messy clean up, or risk. With Arludo games, teachers can ask students to think like a parent bird responsible for raising offspring, or hypothesise as to which Augmented Reality crabs will prevail in contests before watching them compete, or even place them in space and pose ethical questions about how they will build a new human civilisation beyond Earth.

These are just three of our more than thirty game-based experiments to choose from!

As students play and discover concepts in each game, they are intuitively collecting science data. We aggregate these data and automatically create graphs and figures for teachers and students to explore together in class, enabling discussions about what they are seeing and what they have learned from the process. This way, any science class can enable every student to actually think and work like a practising scientist in the field!

All our games are paired with curriculum-linked digital worksheets that can be delivered by teachers from Stages 2-6 as part of their own programs, and/or through virtual incursions by our Arludo Ambassadors; a team of up-and-coming scientists performing real research with leading universities, and additionally trained in communication and working with students.

Our Teacher Dashboard is where teachers can set up Arludo-powered classes, generate data visualisations, and keep track of their students’ performance. It’s where they access all our teaching & learning resources, and hear about our latest game releases. And now they can access everything on a monthly subscription basis. You can encourage any interested teachers at your school to start their one month free trial today!

Science is what will help us create a better world. Inspire a love of science in the next generation with Arludo. Find out more at

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