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Airocle: revolutionising natural ventilation systems for a sustainable future

With a legacy dating back to 1924, Airocle has emerged as Australia's premier designer and manufacturer of natural ventilation systems.

Our journey began with a resolute commitment to revolutionise building ventilation through sustainable practices.

Catering to a global clientele, Airocle delivers tailor-made natural ventilation and smoke hazard management solutions to businesses seeking healthier, safer, and sustainable environments. Our louvres and roof ventilation systems, backed by meticulous testing and engineering, ensure building compliance and excel even in the harshest conditions, aligning with net-zero goals.

As advocates for future generations, we collaborate closely with designers, architects, and engineers, reshaping the future of industrial and commercial building design. Our focus lies in creating a better world for the generations to come.

Education is a key sector that Airocle has significantly impacted, providing cutting edge ventilation solutions to primary schools, high schools, gymnasiums, universities, and other institutions.

Beyond our extensive range of ventilation and louvre products, we offer a comprehensive 360-degree Airflow Analysis. This step-by-step process guides clients from initial assessment to product proposals, ensuring complex buildings receive bespoke solutions.

Airocle leads the way in sustainable ventilation systems, pioneering a new era of architectural innovation and environmental consciousness. Join us as we build a greener, healthier future.

360 Analysis Steps:

At Airocle, we offer a comprehensive 360 Airflow Analysis designed for complex projects with high heat load problems. This process involves a thorough evaluation of your site and the development of tailored ventilation strategies. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of our analysis:

Step 1: Initial Enquiry & Site Assessment

We discuss your requirements and conduct site inspections. These inspections allow us to gather essential information and capture detailed images of your site, which are crucial for further analysis.

Step 2: Engineering & Compliance

Next, our team of experts collates all the data collected during the site inspections. We engage in brainstorming sessions to develop ventilation strategies that comply with relevant engineering standards and regulations. Our in-house experts comprehensively analyse, ensuring our solutions meet the highest engineering and compliance standards.

Step 3: 360 Airflow Analysis & Design

Phase 1: Analysis In this phase, we utilise advanced technologies and techniques to understand your building's airflow dynamics comprehensively. We create a 3D geometric model of your structure and employ Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to predict convection airflow inside the building. Additionally, we employ thermal imaging to identify areas with problematic heat distribution. We also conduct a wind effect study to assess the impact of external factors on airflow. We contour critical temperature and humidity levels to enhance our analysis, providing valuable insights for optimising indoor conditions.

Phase 2: Design Based on the analysis results, we propose natural ventilation solutions that optimise environmental conditions for human occupancy and prioritise fire safety. Our designs adhere to industry guidelines, including the ASHRAE 5S for thermal comfort. We provide a cost-effective implementation plan that includes a simulation comparing the current systems in place with our proposed solution. This allows you to visualise the potential benefits and make informed decisions.

Step 4: Budget Cross-Check

We understand the importance of budget considerations. Our team reviews materials pricing and labour costing to ensure the proposed solution meets your financial expectations. We provide a transparent cost comparison, ensuring that our solution fits within the parameters defined in the initial client brief.

Step 5: Solution & Product Reveal

Finally, we present an executive summary of the audit findings and the proposed solution. This includes estimating the return on investment you can expect from implementing our recommendations. We also provide a detailed cost comparison between our proposed mechanical ventilation solution and alternative approaches, allowing you to evaluate the benefits and make an informed decision.

While the 360 Airflow Analysis is not mandatory for all projects, we highly recommend it for complex projects with high heat load problems. Our thorough and detailed process ensures we develop the most effective and cost-efficient solution for your needs.

4 Series ridge and slope roof ventilator

Experience the advantages of the 4 Series ridge and slope roof ventilation, a lightweight and low airflow resistance ventilation. Ideal for new construction projects and existing buildings needing upgrading ventilation, the 4 Series offers exceptional performance even in adverse weather conditions and helps relieve the internal pressures of the building. By incorporating the 4 Series, you can optimise building design, enhance indoor air quality, and ensure efficient airflow with low or zero (if using operable damper option may be connected to power for operation).

5 Series rotary ventilator

The versatile Airocle 5 Series rotary vent empowers you to achieve your ventilation and green building goals with unparalleled design flexibility. Whether you prefer manual or electric damper operation, integration with a Building Management System, or additional flow options like booster fans for enhanced ventilation or night purging. The 5 Series puts you in complete control. Installing the 5 Series optimises environmental performance and reduces building and energy costs associated with ventilation.

8 Series smoke exhaust roof ventilator The 8 Series smoke exhaust roof ventilator stands out with its unique and efficient design for removing harmful smoke and contaminants. Tailored to meet the specific requirements of every building project, the 8 Series smoke exhaust vent delivers maximum performance in smoke hazard management. With a high discharge coefficient that ensures high airflow efficiency and effectiveness, the 8 Series guarantees reliable and effective smoke control, giving you peace of mind during a fire.

Z Series Operable Wall Louvre

For the most demanding environments, including Cyclone Category Region C and D, the Airocle Z Series operable wall louvre is the ultimate solution. Designed to provide make-up air in the event of a fire with a fail-safe feature the Z Series has been rigorously fire-tested by CSIRO to meet the highest standards. Its allweather performance, and market-leading outstanding reliability, provide complete peace of mind in the event of a fire.


10 Series Unparalleled Performance and Modern Aesthetics

  • Revolutionary Design: Experience up to 60% higher performance than traditional rotary vents, optimising airflow for efficient ventilation in educational institutions.

  • Sleek and Sophisticated: The ultra-lowprofile design adds a touch of modernity and seamlessly integrates with architectural aesthetics, elevating the visual appeal of your educational facility.

  • World-Class Performance: This cost-efficient and ultra-high-performance solution suits your building requirements, ensuring unmatched performance and zero energy natural ventilation.

  • Sustainability at Its Core: Designed and manufactured in Australia using sustainable, locally sourced materials and plastic-free packaging, offering a sustainable future for your institution.

  • Independently Tested and Validated: Rigorously tested for wind and rain resistance, the 10 Series has been validated for reliability and effectiveness, instilling confidence.

  • Effortless Installation Process: With an intuitive 3-step installation—cut, install, attach—the 10 Series ensures convenience and efficiency, allowing you to enjoy superior ventilation without hassle.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-low profile

  • Compact and lightweight design for easy and fast installation

  • Aerodynamically designed components optimise airflow

  • Suitable for both new and existing buildings, providing versatility

  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia with local components

  • Customisable colours are available, including mill finish and Colorbond options

Transform Your Learning and Work Environment:

Elevate your educational institution's ventilation system with the 10 Series Natural Ventilation. Experience superior performance, sustainability, and aesthetics, revolutionising your space.

The Importance of Inlet Air in Natural Ventilation Systems

Inlet air plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of natural ventilation systems, which is crucial to improving indoor air quality and the performance of building occupants. By facilitating the entry of fresh air, inlet openings enable the displacement of stale indoor air, effectively removing pollutants and promoting a healthier environment. This influx of fresh air reduces the concentration of airborne contaminants and replenishes oxygen levels, enhancing cognitive function and overall well-being. Furthermore, introducing fresh air through well-designed inlet openings can significantly impact the thermal comfort of occupants, optimising their performance and productivity. Properly managing and maximising the intake of inlet air in natural ventilation systems is essential for creating a sustainable, healthy, and comfortable indoor environment that supports the well-being and performance of building occupants.

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