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ACOUSTICA: The perfect solution to improve class room indoor air quality and noise pollution

Now that the school year has started, good ventilation for teachers and students is a top priority. ACOUSTICA’s AEROPAC® offers the perfect cost-effective ventilation solution; one that has been installed in schools throughout Australia.

AEROPAC® is a sound-absorbing positive air input ventilator, designed to bring fresh air into the classroom without having to open windows. Due to their high construction standards, modern schools have very limited air infiltration, so the supply of continuous fresh air is inadequate, and it has been thought that the only way to allow enough air flow through was to open windows. Unfortunately, due to the competing demands on sometimes limited school budgets, many school’s ability to prioritise classroom air quality hasn’t necessarily been a sharp focus. Over the past 3 years, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven the need to ensure good ventilation in learning spaces is critical to reduce the spread of virus particles that can build up in indoor air and linger, sometimes for hours. This air pollution can cause both short term and long-term effects on health. The key to quality air inside these learning spaces is to draw in fresh outside air, to reduce viral load by up to 48 percent as studies have shown. When a classroom is better ventilated, influenza rates, asthma attacks and absenteeism rates reduce significantly, reading and math test scores go up. Less carbon dioxide builds up in the room, which helps students think more clearly.

Understanding the long-term benefits of upgrading ventilation is vital, because an investment right now is not just a short-term investment for COVID. If a school does this right, they can expect not only years, but decades of benefits to health beyond reductions in infectious disease transmission.

The AEROPAC® by Acoustica is capable of supplying air at volumes up to 180mÑ/h. It is perfect for the classrooms where children spend up to 6 hours inside during the average learning day and is paramount to their well-being. Air can be filtered through a dust or carbon active filter to remove the pollutants as required to ensure the indoor air quality is maintained. To provide that quiet space, external noises are kept outside by way of the AEROPAC’s sound absorbing properties which absorb up to 57dB. To put that into perspective, a standard brick wall or an acoustic double-glazed window absorbs 40dB!

Other benefits of the AEROPAC® include;

• Minimise external noise - everything from traffic to aircraft sound and playground noise

• Quiet, energy-saving, and with optimal sound absorption

• Low running cost - uses as little energy as a TV on stand-by

• Easy to install and operate with the new LCD display

• Draught-free and super silent ventilation

Acoustica can provide a qualified and professional assistance to achieve effective ventilation for classrooms.

For more information about how the AEROPAC® by Acoustica can make your students in the classroom happier, healthier and more productive, please contact us.

1300 722 825

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