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3D Printers Online: Tools of the Future.

The Team at 3D Printers Online (3DPO) believes that 3D Printers will be a common sight in homes, businesses, and classrooms across Australia.

This revolutionary technology is changing the way we live, learn, teach, and do business bringing concepts and ideas into their physical form.

Whilst 3D Printing is a powerful tool that can be utilised to teach it is so much MORE. Once thought impossible 3D Printing influences what can be created in the physical world in front of our very eyes.

3D Printing along with other forms of Advanced/Modern Manufacturing Technologies show no signs of slowing down either.

As this technology continues to evolve so do the applications. Some industries worth noting include but are not limited to Manufacturing/Engineering, Architecture/Construction, Automotive, Agriculture, Mining, Defence, Medical, Dental, Film, Fashion and even Food Production!

In the classroom

Whilst 3D Printing may sound complicated, modern technology has simplified the process, enabling users to effortlessly design and fabricate intricate three-dimensional objects. This allows the creation of highly detailed designs that were previously challenging or even impossible to produce through conventional manufacturing methods. This advancement is particularly advantageous for schools as it empowers students and eliminates the constraints of working with traditional materials and techniques.

New technologies are a great way to engage students and create a more personalised learning experience. With a 3D Printer, you can create various objects ranging from simple toys and prototypes to complex mechanical parts, architectural models, jewellery, prosthetics, and artistic sculptures. The possibilities are virtually endless!

3D Printing is redefining the educational experience for both students and educators, opening doors to a realm of possibilities as the hardware becomes increasingly accessible. Given the continuous evolution of this technology, 3DPO's Education Packages are meticulously crafted to remain adaptable to the shifting landscape. This ensures that educational institutions can consistently access the latest technologies at the most competitive prices.

3DPO’s Education Packages give teachers access to better tools for their classroom management and keep everything on track with support and guidance as the technology evolves. With the introduction of VR, AR, AI, and machine learning-based applications, the possibilities are endless, and the future of learning is exciting.

How does our School get started?

If your school wishes to find out more, please feel free to reach out to our friendly team. If you wish to take your classroom to the “next level” ask or register to learn more about our bespoke Education Packages. Should your school already own a 3D Printer please ask about 3DPO’s trade-in options to enjoy a bonus credit!

Let’s deliver an engaging learning experience to students with the power of 3D printing in your school. 3D Printing brings unmatched learning potential to any curriculum or STEM program supporting critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity to turn abstract ideas into reality.

Let’s empower Educators to elevate learning in the classroom as there is no better time than now to equip our future generations with the tools of the future!

For a limited time 3DPO are including a BONUS gift* valued at a whopping $2000 to Education Australia subscribers!

Click here for more information and to register your interest:

*conditions apply

1300 13 3376 (1300 13 3DPO)

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