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 Whether you’re seeking funding knowledge, exclusive rates & discounts, monthly prizes or premium content,
EduAccess has you covered. 

  • Funding updates and resources

  • Access to our preferred suppliers

  • Monthly giveaways
  • Exclusive rates and discounts

  • Double-page feature giveaway 

  • Best Value

    Yearly Plan

    Every year
    $74 per month
  • Monthly Plan

    Every month
    $1,044 per year

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Funding updates and resources

As part of your subscription, you will have access to curated funding information at your fingertips. See where the Commonwealth and state governments are allocating funding for primary schools, high schools and universities, and where to access important grants that meet your specific educational needs. 


Access to our preferred suppliers

Get both the physical printed copy and ebook version of Education Australia’s biannual resource guide, which includes comprehensive  information, knowledge, insights, and thoroughly vetted preferred suppliers specifically related to funding

Monthly giveaways 

Each school that subscribes will automatically be entered into our monthly draw. One school will be selected each month, the winner will receive an exciting, school-specific prize each month


Exclusive rates and discounts 

Subscribed schools receive a monthly unique discount code for exclusive reduced rates when ordering from our preferred suppliers.

Double-page feature

Subscribed schools are entered into a biannual draw, providing an opportunity to win a double-page feature in Education Australia’s official resource guide to showcase your school

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